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Lakeland Laboratories is dedicated to providing accurate and prompt analytical results at a fair price. In the analytical industry, sluggish performance seems to have become the norm. Our Clients often find themselves lacking the luxury of time. Many of our Clients have worked with us for fifteen years or more. We are comfortable working efficiently and accurately under tight deadlines and we do so without charging a premium for these efforts. Prompt and accurate analytical results are the cornerstone of our business. We intend to set the standard for Florida and indeed, the entire Southeast.

Key Staff Members

Jim Crawford serves as Managing Member and President. Jim has over 25 years of experience in the analytical and industrial process development fields. He holds a U.S. Patent (5,449,506) with two others for the production of potassium carbonate by way of continuous ion exchange. He also spent over ten years in the pharmaceutical industry in numerous positions. 

Mark Alessandroni, PE serves as the Vice President and Technical Director of Lakeland Laboratories. Mark is a professional engineer licensed in Florida and Georgia and brings over 25 years of consulting experience in the environmental, engineering, public health, and analytical data validation fields to the firm. 

Garrick Johnson serves as Organics Section Chief. Mr. Johnson’s expertise, developed over more than 13 years in the environmental analytical arena, is concentrated in the instrumental analysis of organic analytes and new method development in this area. 

Lake Parker, Lakeland Florida

Eric Kemp is a multi-talented individual. He works in our Organic Extraction area and also doubles as our Information Technology guru. 

Carla Kemp serves as a Technician and Analyst in the area of Wet Chemistry. She is also responsible for many functions including the operation of the Konelab/Aquachem instrument. 

Wayne Gangloff serves as our Customer Service and Client Relations Coordinator. Wayne is charged with preparing sample kits, receiving samples, and coordinating the delivery and receipt of samples and other materials. Wayne brings more than 35 years’ customer service experience to the firm. 

Lakeland Laboratories also utilizes college interns for special projects. It also offers field experience for graduate students at area universities seeking credit hours to complete their programs.

Quality Assurance

Lakeland Tampa Labs
Tampa Laboratories
  NELAP Certificate

Our laboratory is accredited by the Florida Department of Health’s Environmental Laboratory Certification Program in accordance with Florida Administrative Code 64E-1, and the current National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) Standard.   Our Quality Manual has been developed, implemented and maintained according to both the NELAC Standard, and the current TNI (The NELAC Institute) Standard.

This quality assurance document requires us to meet and maintain specific performance criteria as an integral part of each analysis. Simply stated, these criteria consist of internal and external quality control measures.

Lake Morton, Lakeland Florida

The maintenance and documentation of internal quality control are fundamental components of the work performed by all staff. The Quality Assurance Officer and Technical Director are responsible for continually monitoring quality control, both internal and external. Internal quality control is monitored through the use of matrix spikes, duplicates, blanks and analytical standards measured against method-specific control charts and other quality assurance data. The data gathered from these charts must be checked against established calibration curves and quality assurance data history to ensure that instruments are properly and accurately calibrated and that recoveries are within accepted performance standards.

External quality control may be performed with or without our knowledge by outside regulatory agencies and/or our Clients. In fact, we encourage our Clients to evaluate our performance regularly through the use of single and double-blind proficiency samples. At the discretion of either individual, the laboratory Quality Assurance Officer or the Technical Director may utilize duplicates, spikes, EPA performance checks, split samples, or other evaluation techniques to monitor laboratory performance. We invite our Clients to visit our facilities at any time to see our quality assurance protocols first-hand.

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