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Prompt. Accurate.
At a Fair Price...

We're dedicated to providing accurate and prompt analytical results at a fair price. In the analytical industry, sluggish performance seems to have become the norm.  Our Clients often find themselves lacking the luxury of time.  We are comfortable working efficiently and accurately and are able to do so without charging a premium for these efforts. 

Prompt and accurate analytical results are the cornerstone of our business.  We intend to set the standard for Florida and indeed, the entire Southeast.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Manual has been developed and implemented according to the standards of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC). We encourage our Clients to evaluate our performance regularly through the use of single and double-blind proficiency samples. 

We invite our Clients to visit our facilities at any time to see our quality assurance protocols first-hand.

High Volume Injection at Lakeland Laboratories

We are now performing High Volume Injection for EPA Method 8270-SIM PAHs in ground water. We are also evaluating the use of this technique for application to Method FL-PRO.  So how does this benefit you? 

There are numerous advantages for Environmental Engineering Companies.

We need only 100 milliliters of groundwater per sample instead of 1000 milliliters. To make up for collecting less sample volume, we inject more sample extract into the GC inlet to achieve the same method detection limits.

We are thrilled about our latest improvement, especially by how much it will benefit our clients.

Please contact our office for more information and request a sample kit delivery today!

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